photo by mary anne morgan photography

photo by mary anne morgan photography

aimee strickland 

making + pursuing beauty

"i am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life." this quote by elise de wolfe describes the journey i have been on.

from an early age, i began working with my hands, always tweaking my surroundings. in this, i have come to find one of the fullest expressions of life. i have found my voice in using my hands. through watercolors, styling, lettering and even in the kitchen, i find my truest self and sense of expression.

thank you for taking a look into my world, one i hope you will find full of beauty. one that points to life, the true Life source. for without Him, there is no goodness, no truth and no beauty. my hope is that you will see the essence of who He is shine through all that i put my hands to.


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